Video Games

There was a time when video games were very consuming for me. When I got a new one I would feel like Charlie opening up that one magic chocolate bar that has just the hint of the golden ticket inside … Read More

Mom’s Simple Batter Bread

While growing up, Saturday mornings I would wake up to my mother baking bread for the week. When we were about to adopt our first child (that’s TheGirl, helping me in the pic down below) my mother came over, gave me … Read More

Early Advent

Growing up in my family, we always decorated for Christmas the day before Thanksgiving, but I was not ever given a good reason why. Yet, I cannot recall a Thanksgiving meal without a Christmas tree in the background. My dad … Read More

reflections on Mark 10: 17-31

(Epworth Wesley Memorial Methodist Church, summer of 2015) A few weeks ago Mark 10 was on the lectionary (preaching schedule)… what Luke and Mark, combined, refer to as the story of the Rich Young Ruler. Thinking about it, honestly, the poor … Read More

A Memory

When I was about 20 I took a trip to Manitou springs to stay in a 100+ year old hotel at the base of Pike’s Peak. I was attending a summer camp called “Summit Ministries” at the insistence of a … Read More

Tamale Pie

About 8 years ago I started cooking as a “hobby”… other people have golf or collecting knick-knack-patty-crap.   I wanted something I could enjoy and could enjoy sharing with others.  To that end, I also started a food blog called “twist … Read More

Being Honest

Are you ever really honest with yourself? I mean really honest. Not that kind of honest when your wife confronts you about leaving dishes in places where the dishes should have never been in the first place. But the kind … Read More