Over spring break, the family went to visit my sister and her family in St. Louis.  My nephew is graduating this year and, because of Annual Conference (yearly gathering of clergy), I will be unable to attend.  It was a … Read More

Stop It

It seems that we are constantly reminding TheGirl that she needs to ask her brother nicely to cease whatever new thing he has found to wart his sister.   The phrase that I hear her saying (yelling) over and over is … Read More


My wife nor I have ever spoiled our children with toys.  OK, well not to any great extreme.  (grandparents on the other hand, are an almost uncontrollable force of nature when it comes to spoiling) We try to balance it all … Read More

Video Games

There was a time when video games were very consuming for me. When I got a new one I would feel like Charlie opening up that one magic chocolate bar that has just the hint of the golden ticket inside … Read More

Early Advent

Growing up in my family, we always decorated for Christmas the day before Thanksgiving, but I was not ever given a good reason why. Yet, I cannot recall a Thanksgiving meal without a Christmas tree in the background. My dad … Read More