I have been going back and reading some of my books on leadership, administration, and teamwork… as well as adding a few new ones to the pile. Patrick Lencioni, Andy Stanley,Bill Hybels, etc. (sidenote: thanks to Dr. Steve Wende for suggesting Synergy by Ann Michel!)
Has it ever happened to you … the more you think about a subject the more aware you are of it in your life? When I was working on perfecting my weekly bread recipe, it seemed like everywhere I looked and everyone I spoke with was talking about bread, too!
With that in mind, I saw two posts on Facebook by a friend of mine that floored me with their simplicity.   Leadership boiled down in a way that reminded me and challenged me, all at the same time.  I invite you to reflect with me on these ideas from Rev. Richard Heyduck:
Leaders, regardless of title, claim responsibility.
non-leaders, regardless of title, deny responsibility.
A leader shows strength by giving credit to others.
A leader shows weakness by hogging credit.
The latter is an adage of mine. I hate to claim credit when something goes well. I actually WANT my Associate, youth director, Team Leader, Bible Study Teacher, etc to be the one to get credit for anything we do together. I want them to succeed and will do what I can to help make that happen…
But then the first saying comes in. Ouch. Because I know there are times where I don’t help… specifically to deny responsibility. I say to myself “well, let them hang themselves… I have tried and tried and they seem like they want to fail, so let them”. Sounds harsh? yeah, that is why I normally say that to myself.
If I am going to be a better leader (of staff, of people, of a congregation, etc) I need to figure out more how to live into BOTH sayings above instead of just the one that comes more naturally.
Fred Willis

About Fred Willis

Husband, Father, Brother, Reverend, and Avid Cook. Rev. Fred Willis is currently the Lead Pastor at Holy Covenant UMC and has been an ordained Elder in the Texas Annual Conference for going on 20 years. He became a homecook first as a hobby (and because he loves to eat!) but it developed into a passion for learning. Be it food, faith, or his family, Fred is always trying to get better at the things that matter.

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