Monthly Archives: December 2015

Nativity by Kershisnik

My wife is an artist and an art teacher, and where I have always loved art, I just never seem to appreciate it in the same way she does.  Still, I am always watching for good art… mainly so that … Read More

My Hobby

I recognized back in 2009 that I had no hobbies in my life.   The realization came after a workshop on taking a Sabbath that encouraged Pastors to find new ways to recharge. Looking at myself –  I worked, I was … Read More

Breakfast Artisan Bread

After getting my weekly bread routine down, I wanted to branch out and see what else I could do. Digging around, the idea of doing an artisan bread sounded delicious and daunting. It ended up being much more the former … Read More


My wife nor I have ever spoiled our children with toys.  OK, well not to any great extreme.  (grandparents on the other hand, are an almost uncontrollable force of nature when it comes to spoiling) We try to balance it all … Read More

Video Games

There was a time when video games were very consuming for me. When I got a new one I would feel like Charlie opening up that one magic chocolate bar that has just the hint of the golden ticket inside … Read More

Mom’s Simple Batter Bread

While growing up, Saturday mornings I would wake up to my mother baking bread for the week. When we were about to adopt our first child (that’s TheGirl, helping me in the pic down below) my mother came over, gave me … Read More